Our Services

Here at Experts Key, we believe that communication is the key to all successful relationships. And that’s exactly the guiding principle we observe throughout the whole project cycle.
Our project manager will assist you every step of the way, whilst liaising with our web designers to sort out your requirements.To meet your requirements, we tailor the design accordingly.
It was never a part of our design philosophy to use generic and redundant templates
– no matter how simple or complex it needs to be. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate website, online community site, non-profit or e-commerce website you need to be built
– we can get the job done for you.We have designers that are able to think of several concepts at a time. So, This means that producing up to several designs at once won’t be a problem at all.
We can provide you different design prototypes to choose from, and make sure that it still fits right in to whatever budget you may have in mind.
With agile management, our project manager works hand-in-hand with the team of developers to write the codes for the prototype approved by you, the client. Every stage finished within the whole development cycle, our project manager works closely with you to get your approval and feedback.
In that way, in case there are amendments you need to be sorted out
– we can quickly and easily adjust things without causing too much damage on the time frame, and your budget.Our team of developers specialise in building websites that lets you get all the functionality, control and security you need.
If you have not chosen a CMS to use yet, we would recommend using Drupal CMS. We can develop a Drupal-based website that allows multiple editors to securely access it.Also, we can easily integrate third-party systems like credit card payments, collaborative documents and even reservation and ticket sales
– depending on what you require. Perhaps we can include social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter
– so you can improve your communications and get closer with your customers.
Expert Key can provide a complete website design and development service which includes fully-featured and supported hosting. You don’t need to worry about domain names, back-ups, statistics or email address
– as we can take care of them for you.If you have multiple websites and want to manage, administer and deploy them in one dedicated hosting platform
– we can set up a multi-site system for you using Aegir.
If preferred, we can also create for you a library of page layout templates that you can reuse in the future.Whether you have a small website or a large scale load balanced one
– we can create and maintain a hosting infrastructure dedicated for it. We keep our servers in secure and well maintained data centres where you can expect 99% network up-time, database and asset back-up and other bespoke hosting solutions you may be needing. If you think we could be of assistance to your next web project, let us know about it.
Contact us so we can discuss further.